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With so many different places to stay on Pawleys Island, finding the right accommodation type for your trip can seem overwhelming! That’s why we’ve broken our selection of Litchfield Beach places to stay into four categories: homes, condos, Sunday to Sunday rentals, and monthly winter rentals.

If you’re traveling with a large group, consider one of our vacation homes. You’ll find everything from modern properties with private pools to charming beach houses in our collection. If you’re traveling solo or with a smaller group, a cozy condo or villa is a wonderful place to come home to each day.

You can also pick your property based on length of stay; choose one of our Sunday to Sunday rentals for a relaxing week by the sea or experience the Lowcountry’s beautiful off-season in one of our monthly winter rentals. Either way, you’ll enjoy our top-notch amenities and exceptional service at one of the best Pawleys Island places to stay.